DLS offers the client a "One Stop Shop" for all your transport and cargo handling requirements.

This means that DLS will consult and analyze your needs and requirements and provide you with 

the best transport and logistics solutions to meet with your needs. DLS partners with reputable 

and reliable service providers that are efficient in completing the work timeously. DLS will tailor the 

most efficient level of service to meet with your precise needs.    

DLS also acts as a representative in Durban for its clients that are out of Durban and also abroad. 

DLS manages their fleet and see to the efficient running of their vehicles. DLS assists greatly in 

turning these trucks around efficiently to meet other priorities. The people at DLS undertake to 

consistently provide a predictable and reliable service. It is for this reason that you will find when we

say that we will provide a reliable and professional service to our clients, the people at DLS put their 

heart and soul and go the extra mile into making it happen. We are a quality co-coordinator offering a top level service and we provide a competitive pricing structure for all service levels.