DLS receives instructions from various client's ie: shipping companies, clearing and forwarding 

agents, transporters, depots, warehouses, brokers and importers and exporters for the processing

of CTO's (Container Terminal Orders). This is for Import and Export cto's, landing and shipping orders.

The CTO's are framed at DLS and taken to the relevant shipping lines for stamping and approval.

Once all shipping and all other charges relating to clearing and releasing a container has been paid, the shipping line 

will stamp our CTO, indicating that this container has been released. DLS takes this stamped CTO

to Transnet Port Operations documentation office ( A - Check ) for capturing. Cto's are submitted by 

our messengers and collected once this has been captured.    

The CTO's are tracked from its inception, when it leaves our office to the shipping lines and then to 

Transnet's documentation office and its return to our office. We have logs in place which is 

updated regularly by our operations staff. The clients are kept informed by email, fax and telephone 

re the progress of the document flow.      

Captured CTO's are logged and the clients are advised of the availability of the CTO for the 

collection of their containers. Cto's are handed to the relevant transporters and this is logged and  

recorded. This applies to all Road, Rail and Transshipment containers, Import and Export.